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  1. 鄭經翰以至曾蔭權畢生最大遺憾錯事 , 大概係識左蝗楚標同李蟑螂呢種十九到冇朋友0既生意拍檔 .

  2. 英國”半年報告書”呢個時候仲夠膽死話「中英聯合聲明得到落實,一國兩制運作良好」!!

  3. 已有人在英國國會的 epetition 要求爭取香港民主,甚至明確要求英國應收回香港或協助香港爭取獨立。英國國會 epetition ,可像是需要有十萬或以上在英國居民聯署,國會就需要討論。包括在英國居住的香港人士、留學生,但不知是否包括海外的 BNO 護照。



    Democracy in Hong Kong

    Responsible department: Foreign and Commonwealth Office

    Increasingly Hong Konger’s are beginning to resent the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) and there failure to bestow democracy on Hong Kong. Many also would like to see a British Democratic rule restored in the region. Britain can help by entering discussions for the PRC to either ceed back the territory to Britain where we can establish a devolved government or for it to become independent all together. We owe this to our loyal Hong Konger’s


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