後話:在2007年,小弟的Plan B計劃,提出陳方安生出戰港島補選,當時民主派還要搞什麼硬膠初選,乜乜物物,完全無戰略常識。在武吉干當補選戰,行動黨倪可漢率先提出由回教黨的霹靂州務大臣尼查打這場硬仗,而回教黨亦欣然接受有關建議,這就是戰略見識高低之別。將補選當公投來打,是典型的西敏寺式打法,特別在南洋常用的作戰模式。

2 thoughts on “C4納吉成為國陣終結者

  1. From Badawi to Najib… Mahathir is the root of evils. What makes it more funny is he now criticizes back the people he brought up. To keep his name and pride? Haha.

    You’re right Martin… it was unfortunate that Tengku Razaleigh met Mahathir.

    Good luck Malaysians…

  2. The RAHMAN prophecy has forseen it. Barisan Nasional’s rule will end with C4 Najib.

    R – Tunkul Abdul RAHMAN
    A – ABDUL Razak
    H – HUSSEIN Onn
    A – ABDULLAH Badawi
    N – NAJIB

    Of the three by-elections, the two in Perak and Kedah Pakatan should have no problem winning, the trickier part is in Sarawak. That constituency is really in the jungle, where only the natives live.

    For decades, BN has succeeded in controlling their votes because it is so difficult for the opposition to travel to these remote places, and so they only receive propaganda from.

    As you are aware, it’s because of the Sarawak and Sabah MPs that’s keeping BN in power at the moment. Anwar has rightly set his sight on taking over the Sarawak Assembly in 2010/2011 a primary objective, and so there should be a more coordinated effort between the opposition parties this time.

    If Pakatan can win over the Sarawak natives, then it’s certainly game on, not just for Sarawak, but for Malaysia as well.

    For 28 years Sarawak has been ruled by probably the most corrupt man in Malaysia for over 28 years – Chief Minister Taib Mahmud (Chinese call him “White Hair”).

    Sarawak is SERIOUSLY underdeveloped compared to West Malaysia, because of this man. If I haven’t gone there and saw with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it myself.

    Foreign investors do not want to invest in the state because he will always ask for “special commission”. Not to mention taking away of native lands for illegal logging.


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