BICB Amendment 98攻防戰快將展開

在英國時間15:30(本blog使用英國時間,而英國House of Lords亦用英國時間),House of Lords預料會辯論涉及BN(O)平權的關鍵議案,由Lord Avebury提出的BICB 2009 Amendment 98,亦即係4BA BN(O)及其他英國國民徹底平權的修訂案。

在昨天辯論Amendment 90時(解決BN(HK)A 1997剩餘問題修訂案),儘管得到Crossbench、保守黨和自由民主黨議員發言支持,但Lord Avebury主動撤回Amendment 90,照一般議會辯論策略而言,Amendment 90有可能是測試水溫的Amendment,Lord Avebury知道夠票推展92, 93, 98三個Amendments,就先撤回事實上只有數百人受惠的Amendment 90,集中火力在Amendment 92, 93, 98。

小弟對Amendment 98在House of Lords通過機會是審慎樂觀,雖然由Power of Strength來看,Labour在House of Lords的人數遠不及Crossbench、自由民主黨和保守黨的總數,但亦都要看,Lord Avebury會否堅持將Amendment 98推進下去,至少Move to the third reading。

One thought on “BICB Amendment 98攻防戰快將展開

  1. 我記得最尾果幾段: (來自Amendment 90)
    ….I am talking about the principle. I have already enunciated the three principles laid down by previous Ministers that have now been reneged on….I will do that if it will convince the noble Lord that what we are saying is correct….but a reaffirmation of the promises made by successive Governments now being reneged on by this one.

    但Lord Brett有一段話我好在意, 就係: I am feeling slightly wounded. (Are you sure?) I did not say that I was ignoring the argument……I do not believe that that is ignoring the issue. It is recognising that there is a point that needs to be investigated. I also offered the assurance of a further discussion on Report, so I feel slightly wounded. I repeat that we are not ignoring the noble Lord’s argument; I am suggesting that it has to be taken on board and, in the light of investigations, we can look again at the problem that he has set out.

    Martin, 我想知身為工黨既佢, 其實工黨係BN(O)立場上係點?


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