香港半年報告: 一地兩檢 即係底線


遲晒大到嘅香港半年報告,終於出爐,我係英國政府email知,第一次唔係我等傳媒報導睇到呢份報告。基本上,一如FCO嘅文件,大量外交辭令嘅廢話,只不過呢份報告係最後通牒,堅持玩 一地兩檢 ,就幾乎肯定會出事咁滯,大家堅要睇路。

一地兩檢 亂嚟就係紅線

呢個俾國會嘅報告,你睇conclusion嘅語氣,同埋bold type咗嘅段落,就知英國政府實際想點,首先,大家睇conclusion

We assess that ‘One Country, Two Systems’ generally functions well. However, the increasing pressure in some areas that was described in the conclusion of the last six-monthly report has continued in the second half of 2017.

Generally functions well,跟住嚟個 However, Howerver之後嘅篇幅仲長過前面,呢段字嘅語氣,真係差無可差,用香港語譯,睇落都好似唔錯嘅,只不過乜乜乜乜乜,咁你都聞到有好強烈嘅𤓓味喇。

好喇,佢bold type係以下段落。

The Foreign Secretary made a statement on 11 October, in which he said “I am very concerned that a UK national has been denied entry to Hong Kong. The British Government will be seeking an urgent explanation from the Hong Kong authorities and from the Chinese Government.”

Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy is enshrined in the Joint Declaration and Basic Law. All territories can deny entry in accordance with relevant local laws. However, international confidence in Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy will be undermined if individuals who lawfully express their political views are denied entry to Hong Kong under pressure from the Chinese authorities.

The UK Government recognises that detailed plans for the co-location arrangement have yet to be finalised, with local legislation still to be adopted by the Legislative Council. While the economic case for the high-speed rail link is clear, it is important that the final arrangements are consistent with the ‘One Country, Two Systems’ framework. Mainland officials exercising jurisdiction within the territory of the Hong Kong SAR is a significant new step.

We understand the concerns that have been raised about the legal base for the proposal, and its impact on ‘One Country, Two Systems’, and we note the strong views expressed by the Hong Kong Bar Association. We urge the Chinese and Hong Kong SAR Governments to ensure that the established constitutional framework for any change to the Basic Law is respected to ensure continued confidence in ‘One Country, Two Systems’.


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大家都應該知道,戴啟思嘅女生前係FCO官員嚟,大家有啲嘢,唔駛畫公仔畫出腸。 一地兩檢 通過之日,就係中英聯合聲明正式走數嘅一日,即係一切機制亦會啟動,大家應該知,好快有乜事發生。特別文翠珊BREXIT膠晒之後,好需要一個福克蘭群島,當佢好想撩交打果陣,大家都應該知道好快有大事發生。

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