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得罪 The New York Times 方丈林鄭仲想走?

除非你比Trump更方丈,否則美國啲傳媒,例如CNN或 The New York Times 呢啲方丈,都係搞政治嘅人得罪唔起,因為呢啲傳媒方丈起嚟,真係唔係人咁品。近日港府得罪 The New York Times ,就真係得罪方丈咪駛旨意走。

The New York Times 唔係香港啲傳霉

話說8月15日,紐約時報登咗篇社論,批評港府咁搞黃之鋒,標題係Three Young Voices Versus a Superpower,香港駐美國商貿辦事處嘅頂唔住,Clement Leung寫咗篇Letter to editor,回應紐約時報,話

There is simply no basis to imply that political motive or the students’ political views are the reason for the appeal.

當然,美國人睬你都傻,Bari Weiss, 紐約時報評論版寫手兼編輯,立即整篇 A Nobel Prize for Hong Kong’s Democrats你嘆,第一段已經咁寫

Here’s a suggestion for the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, which opens its nominating season next month: Look to the three young men who earlier today became Hong Kong’s first prisoners of conscience.


They are among some of the most prominent leaders pushing an authoritian China to honor its international and political commitments. Can a handful of Davids hold a Goliath to account? The imprimatur of a Nobel Prize would help.


不過Clement Leung封信,有樣one more thing,Factwire係傳fact定傳fake,我諗大家可以定論

Your eagerness to label the alleged kidnapping case of Howard Lam, a member of Hong Kong’s Democratic Party, as a “brazen crackdown” is also wide of the mark. Independent journalists have published evidence that contradicts his allegations. Mr. Lam has since been arrested on suspicion of misleading the police by false information.



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