BREXIT White paper:退歐有排玩

BREXIT 點玩落去,最後我國首相喺首相答問時間作出咗公布,就係會出份 BREXIT White Paper,容許國會以及公眾,就BREXIT嘅具體計劃作出仔細討論。

如果政府係以 BREXIT White Paper 開展啟動《里斯本條約》第五十條與否嘅程序,亦意味住,BREXIT不單拖得耐,而且係蘇格蘭國民黨要求果隻耐,因為蘇格蘭國民黨,正正係要求先出白紙草案,亦即喺House of Commons術語叫Draft Bill嘅物體。

BREXIT White Paper 嘅玩法反映咗啲乜?

而White Paper可以有Draft Bill,亦可以無,根據UK Parliament嘅定義係咁

White papers are policy documents produced by the Government that set out their proposals for future legislation. White Papers are often published as Command Papers and may include a draft version of a Bill that is being planned. This provides a basis for further consultation and discussion with interested or affected groups and allows final changes to be made before a Bill is formally presented to Parliament.

首先,成個BREXIT White Paper,英國內部唔同勢力都可以拗餐死,仲要涉及一個formal 嘅consultation,allows the final changes to be made before a Bill is formally presented to Parliament,換言之,英國內部唔同勢力,甚至連埋北愛、蘇格蘭、倫敦、直布羅陀,甚至香港,各路人馬喺份BREXIT White Paper拗到天荒地老,各方廝殺完,先至有一份可能為各方接受嘅嘅退歐方案,甚至可能因其他政治緣故,唔再退歐,例如蘇格蘭搞出第二次獨立公投。

White Paper 呢種玩法,香港人絕對知乜事,究竟 Trump 俾多幾多支持喺BREXIT,我個人好懷疑,喺Make America Great Again嘅政治口號下, Theresa May真係想借Trump去Make Great Britain Great Again?咪玩喇


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